OV7725 phone camera module

OV7725 phone camera module introduction

The phone camera module is used to expand the camera function of the development board. The development board has a special camera module interface, which can expand our camera. After programming the corresponding program, the LCD screen will display the data captured by the camera in real time for real-time monitoring.

The OV7725 cell phone camera module uses the OV7725 CMOS type digital image sensor. It is divided into a cell phone camera module version with FIFO and a cell phone camera module version without FIFO. (FIFO means that products stored first are to be retrieved first.)

phone camera module
cell phone camera module version with FIFO
smartphone camera module
cell phone camera module version without FIFO

OV7725 mobile phone camera module feature

  • 1.The size of the OV7725 mobile phone camera module is 33.4*30mm, it is small, and the working voltage is low.
  • 2.Support the use of VGA, QVGA, and CIF to output image data of any size of 40*30.
  • 3.The collected images support basic processing such as gamma curve, white balance, saturation, and chroma.
  • 4.The version with FIFO is used with STM32F103VET6 Development Board and STM32F103 microcontroller development board STM32F103ZET6 , and provides corresponding routines such as LCD real-time display, camera photo taking, and serial port real-time display of the host computer.

Note: Since the STM32 F1 series microcontroller is not fast enough to process information, it cannot process the 300,000-pixel (ie 640*480 resolution) data from the OV7725 mobile phone camera module in time. A FIFO must be added as a buffer. The FIFO chip can only store one frame of 320*240 pixel data.

OV7725 cell phone camera module datasheet of hardware

Phone camera module size 

Phone camera module size 

Cell phone camera module interface

The cell phone camera module interface is a 2*10P DIP interface connected to the camera pins of the development board. The cell phone camera module interface led by the smartphone camera module includes mixed pins of the OV7725 sensor and FIFO, and the external controller can use these pins to drive the camera.

Phone camera module pinout
 The female header of phone camera module pinout

OV7725 Phone camera module pinout definition 

Pin no.Pin DescriptionPin name
13V3power supply
2D0Data 0
3OEFIFO output enable
4D1Data 1
5RRSTFIFI read reset
6D2Data 2
7RCLKFIFO read clock
8D3Data 3
9NCNo need to connect
10D4Data 4
11VSYNCfield break
12D5Data 5
13WRSTFIFO write reset
14D6Data 6
15WENFIFO write enable
16D7Data 7
17HRNo need to connect
18SCLSCCB clock
20SDASCCB data

OV7725 Camera Pin List

Pin NamePin RelationshipPin Description
OEOE pin of FIFOData output enable, active low
RRSTRRST pin of FIFORead pointer reset signal, active low
RCLKRCK pin of FIFOData output synchronous clock
VSYNCVSYNC pin of OV7725field sync signal
WRSTWRST pin of FIFOWrite pointer reset signal, active low
WENCombined with the following HREF to form the input of the NAND gateControl the WE pin of FIFO together with HREF, when WEN and HREF are at high level at the same time, WE is at low level, and 0V7725 can write data to FIFO
HREFHREF pin of 0V7725line sync signal
DO[0:7]DO[0:7] pin of FIFOdata output pin
SIO_CSCL pin of OV7725Clock line of SCCB bus
SIO_DSDA pin of 0V7725Data line of SCCB bus

Cell phone camera module pinout

The cell phone camera module pinout is used to transmit the picture taken by the lens to the video processor through a cable, and it is used as a data transmission connection line for storage. The main function of the cell phone camera module pinout is to transmit the data captured by the camera to the main board, and display the picture through the display screen controlled by the main board.

mobile phone camera module pinout
mobile phone camera module pinout
phone camera module pinout
phone camera module pinout
cheap cell phone camera module

OV7725 mobile phone camera moduleschematic

mobile phone camera module specifications
Schematic for OV7725 mobile phone camera module version with FIFO
mobile phone camera module schematic
Schematic for OV7725 mobile phone camera module  version without FIFO

Application of mobile phone camera module 

The lens part on the smartphone camera module includes a lens mount and a convex lens that can be rotated to adjust the distance. The focal length can be adjusted by rotation. In normal use, the lens mount covers the circuit board to block light, and the light can only be transmitted through the lens to the image sensor in the center., it collects light signals, and the collected data is buffered into the FIFO buffer on the back of the camera, and then the external device obtains the captured image data through the signal pin below. This smartphone camera module is generally used in surveillance cameras, security, expeditions, and license plate detection.

The core chip used by the OV7725 camera module is a CMOS type digital image sensor. CMOS image sensor is a chip that converts photons into electrons for digital processing, and converts image signals into digital signals. It has better signal conversion capabilities and can directly convert charges into voltages in pixels, surpassing traditional ones in terms of performance. CCD sensor, currently, mainstream cameras use CMOS sensor for signal conversion, and CMOS sensor is also widely used in smart phones, digital cameras, automatic driving, security, IOT and other fields.

The camera module is mainly used to create images in digital cameras, digital closed-circuit television cameras, and digital video cameras, and is a key component of digital cameras.

Use phone camera module  

When using this phone camera module, we generally support the LCD screen of the development board, configure OV7725 as 240*320 resolution (QVGA), RGB565 format, then the image size of one frame output by OV7725 is 240*320*2=153600 bytes , and the FIFO model AL422B used in this phone camera module has a capacity of 393216 bytes, and can cache up to 2 frames of such images. In this way, STM32 development board does not need to directly process the high-speed output data of OV7725. However, if OV7725 is configured with a resolution of 480*640, the size of one frame of image is 480*640*2=614400 bytes, and the capacity of FIFO is not enough to store such an image directly. Therefore, when OV7725 writes data to FIFO At the same time, the STM32 side must read the data at the same time to ensure that the STM32 side has read this part of the data before the OV7725 overwrites the old data.

Use phone camera module

Upgrade phone camera module

The steps to upgrade phone camera module are as follows:

1. Prepare IPC configurator, computer, program, router, network cable and other tools;

2. Open the IPC configurator, enter the IPC debugging system, and choose to change the display device type;

3. Select all in the type part, click to display the camera information connected to the LAN, select the device and check it;

4. Enter the folder where the program is stored, select the upgrade program file and run the program to upgrade the camera module.

OV7725 mobile phone camera module shipping List

mobile camera module
OV7725 cell phone camera module (with FIFO)*1
camera module for mobile phone
OV7725 cell phone camera module (without FIFO)* 1 + camera extension cable*1

Mobile phone camera module models

Our company has several camera modules, which are mainly distinguished by the pixels of the camera, which is one of the important indicators to measure the camera. In practical applications, the higher the pixel of the camera, the better the quality of the captured image. The stronger it is, but the amount of data it records will be much larger, so the requirements for storage devices are much higher, so when choosing, just choose the camera that suits you.

ModelOV2640、200W Pixel Camera ModuleOV5640、500W Pixel Camera Module
SensorOV2640、200W pixel, color, 1600*1200 resolutionOV5640、500W Pixel, color, 2592*1944 resolution, AF auto focus
Powered by5V5V
Crystal oscillatorOnboard 24M active crystal oscillatorOnboard 24M active crystal oscillator
Interface2*10P DIP interface or FPC long cable2*1OP DIP DIP interface or FPC long cable
Lens3.6mm M12 Lens, aperture F2.0, viewing angle 95°, with infrared filterFocal length 2.7mm, aperture F2.8, field of view 66°, depth of field 2OCM-0.6M (ATO.6M)
Mirror mountOuter frame 21*21*10mm, inner frame 17.7*17.7*6mmNo
ProgramProvide F429 driver, DCMI interface driverProvide F429 driver, DCMI interface driver
Data Format8bit, RGB565, can output jpeg directly8bit, RGB565, can output jpeg directly
Frame rate800*480 resolution, RGB565 format, LCD display 14 framesNo
Frame rate800*480 resolution, RGB565 format, LCD display 14 framesNo

Cell phone camera module suppliers 

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