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What is 8051 development board-stc89c52 development board?

To know what is 8051 development board, let’s first understand the concept of 51 development board.

The 51 development board is also called the 51 single-chip experiment board and the 51 single-chip learning board. It is an experiment and learning device for learning the 51-type single-chip microcomputer. It is what we often call the 8051 development board.

8051 development board

The CMOS process single-chip microcomputer products developed by many manufacturers with 8051 as the core are collectively referred to as 80C51 series. 80C51 is a typical variety in the MCS-51 series; the main products of the currently commonly used 80C51 series microcontrollers are:

Intel (Intel): i80C31, i80C51, i87C51, i80C32, i80C52, i87C52, etc.;

ATMEL: AT89C51, AT89C52, AT89C2051, AT89S51(RC), AT89S52(RC), etc.;

Many products of Philips (Philips), Winbond, Dallas (Dallas), Siemens (Siemens):

STC (domestic macro crystal) microcontroller: STC89C51, STC89C52, STC89C516, STC90C516 and many other brands.

For a long time in the early days, most of the 51 microcontrollers used AT89C51 or AT89C52 chips. With the rapid development of my country’s chip technology, the enhanced 51 single-chip STC89Cxx/STC90CxX series launched by Hongjing Company are more popular with the public. In addition to the greatly enhanced internal resources and functions, there is also a very important thing that it supports ISP (in In-System Programmable)/IAP (In-Application Programmable), without the need for a dedicated programmer or dedicated emulator. There are many types of 51 chips launched by Hongjing Company, we only need to choose a classic one for learning.

The 8051 development board mainly sold by our company is equipped with the STC89C52 chip at the factory. Experiments with the supporting hardware platform can allow you to quickly master the development of 51 single-chip microcomputers.

The 8051 development board is a low-power, high-performance CMOS, 8-bit STC89C52 chip-based circuit board. It is mainly used as a learning tool for developing the hardware and software of the STC89C52 microcontroller.

The 8051 development board integrates a simple function module circuit. Specific 8051 development board function include 8k bytes of Flash, 512 bytes of RAM, 32-bit IO port lines, watchdog timer, built-in 4KB EEPROM, MAX810 reset circuit, and three 16-bit timers device/counter, a 6-vector 2-level interrupt structure, full-duplex serial port.

8051 development board function are most widely used in household appliances and some remote control toys. Therefore, the STC89C52 development board is very suitable for beginners and circuit enthusiasts to learn to develop simple products.

8051 development board datasheet– stc89c52 development board

Model no.HC6800-EM3 A2
Input voltage5v
Output voltage5v/3.3v dual voltage
Functional wayUSB powered
Download methodUSB one-click automatic download
MicrocontrollerSTC89C52 Supports AT 51 microcontroller family
Display screenDigital tube/LCD display/8-8 dot matrix

8051 development board-STC89C52 development board Features

1. The 8051 development board(STC89C52) integrates many modules, with complete functions and high cost performance.

8051 development board(STC89C52) supports 51, AVR, ARM (STM32) 3 kinds of platform development. You can learn 51 series development boards first, then learn AVR series development boards, and finally learn ARM (STM32) series development boards, step by step, from easy to difficult learning process.

2. The modules integrated in the 8051 development board have the function of independent partition, and there are 40 module resources onboard.

3. The 8051 development board is fully equipped, with a multi-functional high-end box, humanized design, and easy to carry.

8051 development board (STC89C52) Advantages 

1. Complete hardware configuration

The 8051 development board (STC89C52) integrates the commonly used peripherals of 51 single-chip microcomputers (such as running lights, digital tubes, matrix keyboards, EEPROM, clocks, buzzers, relays) on a small circuit board, which is easy to carry and learn, and can be directly plugged into the PC. , to learn anytime, anywhere. In addition, some small and medium-sized projects can also be directly developed on this board. After the development is completed, it can be re-drawn on this basis to make a board, which greatly shortens the company’s development cycle and saves hardware costs.

2. Download the software independently

PZ-ISP is a self-developed host computer software that supports STC89, STC90, STM32 and other chip downloads.

3. Rich teaching videos

A large number of teaching videos, from easy to difficult, from 0 to 1 entry and improvement, covering digital circuits, C language basics, 51 single-chip microcomputers and commonly used peripheral modules. Let you lay a solid foundation in your studies.

4. Learning materials are available

In addition to teaching videos, PDF materials (8051 development board schematic diagrams, data manuals, routine PPTs, etc.) are also essential. The video is for easy understanding, and the information is for easy reference. Combining the two, basic knowledge can be solid.

8051 development board components and function

  • 8051 development board components
components of 8051 development board
  • The function and application of the 8051 development board components
No.8051 development board components8051 development board function8051 development board project
18*8 LED dot matrixDisplay images/numbers/characters, etc.Elderly mobile phones, game consoles, advertising screens, etc.
2rectangular keyboardkeyCan be used as calculator, keyboard, password lock and other input devices
38-bit SMD LED lightRealize LED running water light effectlanterns
4STC89C52 chip8-bit controllerMicrocontroller core chip, used to control various functions
5Wireless module interfaceWireless WIFI functionMobile phones, computers, cars, etc.
6138 decoderTranslate, store, have logical thinkingtraffic light
7Clock chip DS1302Clock control, can maintain the normal operation of the clock after power offcomputer, mobile phone, etc.
8AD/DA digital to analog conversionDisplay the read value on the screenMultimeter, water meter, electricity meter, gas meter, etc.
9Infrared receiverInfrared receiving signals are generally used indoors due to distance and environmental limitationsTV remote control, Toy car remote control, etc.
1018B20 interface, temperature controlCan realize temperature acquisition and controlHousehold appliances, water tanks, etc.
11buzzerAlerts, music, etc.Alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones and other electronic products
12USB powered downloadUSB power supply, data download and transferAndroid phone power supply interface
13CH340 chipComputer USB and microcontroller serial port download and communication. automatic downloaderdata line
14EEPROM-24C02 chipThe data memory can store 256 bytes of data, and the data will not be lost when the power is turned off.Clock, computer and other data storage
15Stepper motor drive + DC motorDrive DC motor, rotate, move and other functionsATM machines, inkjet printers, cutting plotters, photo machines, spraying equipment, medical instruments and equipment, precision instruments, industrial control systems, office automation systems, electric fans, robots, etc.

8051 development board schematic

8051 development board circuit diagram

8051 development board STC89C52 chip schematic

8051 development board schematic
8051 development board STC89C52 chip schematic
8051 development board diagram
8051 development board STC89C52 chip pin diagram 

8051 development board function application field

The functional modules on the 8051 development board can be freely combined to realize application 8051 development board project with practical value.

8051 development board project

1. Intelligent temperature control system (temperature check + buzzer + independent button + led + digital tube display + stepper motor), to achieve temperature detection, intelligent alarm function.

2. Multifunctional electronic clock and game console (temperature check + buzzer + independent button + led + LCD screen + clock chip + 24c02 chip), which can realize functions such as calendar, alarm clock, temperature control, small games, etc., and can also store alarm data in 24c02 chip.

8051 development board project

3. Wireless control (temperature check + buzzer + independent button + infrared remote control + LCD screen + clock chip), realize control functions such as infrared remote control to adjust the clock and temperature threshold.

8051 development board project

4. Intelligent calculator (temperature check + buzzer + independent button + led + LCD screen + clock chip + 24c02 chip + matrix button) to realize calculator calculation function.

5. Smoke detection alarm (AD module + independent button + buzzer + LCD screen + DC motor), controlled by AD digital-to-analog conversion, intelligent alarm.

8051 development board project

The common models and types of ESP8266 development board series are nodemcu v3 – esp8266 development board ch340g, nodemcu v2 – esp8266 development board cp2102, nodemcu v3 – esp8266 development board, esp8266 uart wifi development board and so on, you can contact us for exactly esp8266 development board datasheet and more information.

8051 development board standard configuration list

Product nameQuantity
STC89C52 development board1 pc
STC89C52 chip1 pc
Dupont Line4 pcs
LCD screen 16021 pc
Infrared receiver1 pc
USB data line1 pc
Temperature Sensor1 pc
crystal oscillator1 pc
8-8 dot matrix module1 pc
DC motor1 pc
remote control1 pc
Photoresistor, Thermistor1 pc
buzzer1 pc

8051 development board PCB layout

8051 development board PCB layout
8051 development board STC89C52 chip pin diagram 

How to build 8051 development board(STC89C52)? 

If you want to quickly master the development of 8051 single-chip microcomputer, you need to do it yourself, DIY 8051 development board, to truly understand its principle. So,how to build 8051 development board?

We have two plans to build 8051 development board, one is to use a breadboard, and the other is to use a universal solder board. Here we mainly introduce the use of breadboard to build 8051 development board circuit.

If want to use breadboard to build the 8051 development board circuit, we should prepare below tools:

Breadboards and Breadboard Wires(DuPont wire)

Breadboard is a kind of equipment used for circuit experiments. There are many holes on it. We can insert components and wires into it to form the circuit we need. If you find that there is something wrong with the circuit, just unplug the components and wires and plug them in again. After the circuit is completed, all components can be unplugged and used again. The breadboard is easy to operate, allowing you to quickly master the development of 51 single-chip microcomputers, and save costs. It is a good tool for circuit experiments.

In addition to preparing the breadboard and DuPont wire, you also need to prepare the following tools and materials:

1. STC89C52RC MCU in DIP40 package (STC89C5x is acceptable)

8051 development board STC89C52 chip pin diagram 

2. 11.0592MHz crystal oscillator, two 30pF capacitors (for clock circuit)

3. 10uF capacitor, 10k resistor (for reset circuit)

4. USB-TTL download cable (for programming)

5. Six-pin self-locking switch (as a power switch, it can also be replaced by plugging and unplugging wires)

The components in the figure are used in reset circuit and clock circuit. The above is a 10k color ring resistor, please study the specific reading method; then there is a 10uF point electrolytic capacitor, the electrolytic capacitor has positive and negative poles, the pin marked with a white arrow on the skin in the figure is the negative pole, if it is brand new as shown in the figure Electrolytic capacitor, the positive pin is longer; the left side of the bottom is two ceramic capacitors, I can’t find 30pF, I will replace it with a closer 27pF, please learn the specific capacity reading method by yourself; the lower right corner is the crystal oscillator, marked 11.0592 on the front, that is The frequency of the crystal oscillator is 11.0592MHz.

Build 8051 development board circuit

The picture shows the minimal system built. Two white wires are used to connect the positive and negative poles on both sides together.

8051 development board STC89C52 chip pin diagram 

Build a USB-TTL adapter board and program download circuit

DuPont line with one end male (pin) and one end female (jack)
Front side of USB-TTL adapter board
The reverse side of the USB-TTL adapter board (connected to the DuPont line female head)
build complete

DuPont cable connected to USB-TTL adapter board (for program burning)

The female head of the DuPont line is connected to the USB-TTL adapter board (hereinafter referred to as the adapter board), and the male end of the DuPont line is inserted on the breadboard to connect with the minimum system of the single-chip microcomputer:

5V on the adapter board is connected to the power supply of the breadboard (my adapter board has two power supply voltages of 5V and 3.3V, and some adapter boards only have one VCC, then connect to VCC)

GND is connected to the negative pole of the breadboard, which is the GND of the microcontroller. The two lines VCC and GND can supply power to the MCU. TXD on the adapter board is connected to RXD (P3.0) of the MCU, and RXD is connected to TXD (P3.1) of the MCU (refer to the 51 MCU pin distribution diagram introduced earlier), These two lines are used for serial communication and program download, which will be introduced in detail later.

In the picture, I have already connected the circuit, connected an LED and resistor to P1.0, and downloaded the LED flashing program with the computer. You can see that the green LED is on in the photo.

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